VL Prices & Availability

(in US dollars)

During '95 the list price of a VL1-m was $3000, but with aggressive shopping you could get one for about $2000, perhaps a bit less. Later in '96 the list price of a VL1-m dropped to $1595 and people were getting their VL1-m's for under $1300, sometimes considerably less. Currently, alas, you have to hunt for a VL1-m from some dealer who happens to have one sitting around. They are not easy to find.

Be sure to get your VL1-m with Version 2 EPROMs or find out how you can get the Version 2 upgrade (e.g. from Yamaha Corp of America: (714) 522-9011, x6099). If you watch the VL1-m during boot, it will display the words 'Version 2' in the lower middle of the display for about 2 seconds or so if it is a Version 2.

Nowadays, unfortunately, the VL70-m is the only VL synth that is commercially, officially available. It is much cheaper, and you should be able to get one for under $600 in the US.